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These are the Questions we think it is important to address. There is, of course, no need to comment on all the Questions and you are also welcome to raise other issues that you consider important.

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Question 1. Does the Vision Statement set the correct agenda for the future?


Question 2. Future population projections based on recent performance suggest that Ayrshire will face a considerable loss of population. Is this trend acceptable, should there be an attempt to stabilize the population at current levels, and is this realistic?


Question 3. Are the seven principle aims of the strategy appropriate?


Question 4. In what way and to what extent should the Gateway Locations be developed to attract investment? Are there other locations that might be considered as gateway opportunities?


Question 5. Do you agree that the area surrounding Ayr Irvine and Kilmarnock should be the main focus of future development?


Question 6. Six Investment Corridors have been identified. Is the concept valid, do they cover the correct areas or are there other areas that should be included?


Question 7. How can the potential of Ayr, Irvine and Kilmarnock be realised?


Question 8. A hierarchy of communities has been established in Schedule 1 based on their function: do you agree with the classification?


Question 9. In what ways can rural areas support the overall aim of developing the economy


Question 10. Should more housing be built in the countryside?


Question 11. In addition to the transport proposals identified what other development of the transport system would be appropriate?


Question 12. In addition to the regeneration proposals identified, are there other opportunities for community regeneration and what are the most appropriate mechanisms for their achievement?


Question 13. How much future housing should be planned for in the future and where should that housing be located to ensure success?


Question 14. How should strategic policy address variable needs and delivery mechanisms for affordable housing?


Question 15. Is this a correct assessment of future industrial requirement? Are there other strategic industrial locations that might be considered?


Question 16. It is the intention to continue to recognise town centres as the main focus for retail development: is this policy correct for Ayrshire?


Question 17. How can timber resources and the timber industry be promoted?


Question 18. How can Strategic Policy facilitate renewable energy systems to ensure that they act as an economic and sustainable driver for rural communities?


Question 19. Two potential areas for commercial wind farm development have been identified, are these areas suitable? Should further areas be identified? What constraining factors do you envisage to future wind farm development?


Question 20. An area has been identified for the large scale coppicing of wood for fuel and forest brash utilisation linked to a possible biomass or co-fired power station. Is this concept valid and how can community benefit be gained? Are there other areas that can be identified?


Question 21. Should tourism be developed to promote the natural and cultural resources in Ayrshire? Are there other opportunities besides those identified in the plan?


Question 22. How should Integrated Coastal Zone Management be taken forward? What development opportunities can be identified on the coast?


Question 23. Apart from a recognition of the importance of the urban edge of the major towns it is not proposed to introduce landscape designations into the plan other than required by European and national legislation. Is this proposed policy stance correct?


Question 24. What should be the extent and type of landscape designation necessary to protect the urban edge from inappropriate development?


Question 25. What issues or opportunities does new legislation on environmental appraisal, design awareness, biodiversity, water quality and flooding bring to the development of strategic policy? Does the plan cover the options adequately?


Question 26. How can mineral resources be managed in a sustainable way?


Question 27. Is there any other issues not covered by the Questions that you think it is important to raise?

Please submit your comments to the AJSP 2025 Consultation Draft by 27 August 2004.

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Ayrshire Green Network

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