Ayrshire benefits from having an attractive and high quality environment and the landscape character, biodiversity, natural environment, historic and cultural heritage of the area all provide a sense of place and local distinctiveness.  The care of the processes that contribute to excellence in the environment, such as good air and water quality, can cumulatively also support quality of life.  As pressures on the environment evolve and increase, the need to manage change requires a more direct approach to safeguard and enhance the rich diversity of local environments. In some areas the countryside can also deteriorate through a lack of human intervention just as much as from development pressures.

In recognition of increasing environmental change there requires to be an extension to the concept of value as applied to the whole of the environment.  This means that although statutory designations are important it is necessary to go further and develop policies to embrace the totality of environment and promote quality of life.  Areas of change should be recognised as opportunities within which future natural, built and cultural environments of quality can be created.

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Ayrshire Green Network

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