Growing a Sustainable Ayrshire – Background Documents

The purpose of these documents is to provide background evidence used in determining the policies that go into the structure plan. Where appropriate they have been updated since the publication of the consultation draft.

Further information about their content can be sought from members of the Ayrshire Joint Structure Plan & Transportation Team.

Publicity Statement & Summary of Consultation
pdficon AJSP 2025 Results of Consultation on Consultation
pdficon AJSP2025 – Results of Consultultation Appendix 1 – 7

Technical Reports
pdficon Technical Report 1 – Strategic Assessment of Housing Land Requirements
pdficon AJSP2025 - Results of Consultultation Appendix 1 – 7
pdficon Technical Report 2 – Study of Urban Capacity within Ayrshire
pdficon Technical Report 3 – Renewables
pdficon Technical Report 4 – Community Profiles
pdficon Technical Report 5 – Retail Capacity Study 2004 to 2012
pdficon Technical Report 6 - New Housing – The Key to Developing a Sustainable Ayrshire
pdficon Technical Report 7 – Corridor and Core

Supporting Environmental Information
pdficon Technical Report 8 – Environmental Assessment
pdficon Technical Report 9 – An Assessment of the Impact of the Ayrshire Joint Structure Plan on Natura 2000

Background Reports
pdficon Interim Report
Interim Report Drawings
pdficon Plan 1A pdficon Plan 1H pdficon Plan 2B
pdficon Plan 1B pdficon Plan 1I pdficon Plan 2C
pdficon Plan 1C pdficon Plan 1J pdficon Plan 2D
pdficon Plan 1D pdficon Plan 1K pdficon Plan 2E
pdficon Plan 1E pdficon Plan 1L pdficon Plan 2F
pdficon Plan 1F pdficon Plan 1M pdficon Plan 3
pdficon Plan 1G pdficon Plan 2A pdficon Plan 4
pdficon Meadowhead Options Review Issue 1
pdficon Area 1A pdficon Area 5B pdficon Area 10A
pdficon Area 1B pdficon Area 6A pdficon Area 10B
pdficon Area 2A pdficon Area 6B pdficon Area 11A
pdficon Area 2B pdficon Area 7A pdficon Area 11B
pdficon Area 3A pdficon Area 7B pdficon Area 12A
pdficon Area 3B pdficon Area 8A pdficon Area 12B
pdficon Area 4A pdficon Area 8B pdficon Area 13A
pdficon Area 4B pdficon Area 9A pdficon Area 13B
pdficon Area 5A pdficon Area 9B
pdficon Stevenston Options Review Issue 1 final
pdficon Options Report Plan 1
pdficon Options Report Plan 2
pdficon Options Report Plan 3
pdficon Options Report Plan 4
pdficon Options Report Plan 5
pdficon Options Report Plan 6

pdficon Housing Land Supply – East Ayrshire 2005 (Agreed Audit)
pdficon Housing Land Supply – North Ayrshire 2005 (Agreed Audit)
pdficon Housing Land Supply – South Ayrshire 2005 (Agreed Audit)
pdficon Sustainability Report
wordicon Scottish Executive Form for Objections or Representations

Ayrshire Green Network

Ayrshire Green Network

Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere

The Socio-Economic Potential of the Galloway and South Ayrshire Biosphere Reserve

Latest News

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Last Updated: 23 January 2014